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Helmet enduro magnesium size 61 62

216,00 IVA inclusa

OEM Code: 72607697505 – 76317724308

The spare part is new and original.

You can find the fits in the section named Compatibility.

You can read the sell condition and returns in the description below.

The delivery time is variable, it depends on the country where to send.

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COD: 72607697505 Categoria:


Helmet enduro magnesium size 61 62

OEM Code: 72607697505 – 76317724308

Our company sells helmet enduro magnesium size 61 62 spare part new and original. The OEM code identifies the car’s model that fits the article.

The client has to check the fits of the spare with the code, you can find the compatibility in his section and test if the article fits your need.

You can find the fits in the section named Compatibility.

How to request more information.

If you have questions, you can ask more photos of the spare via WhatsApp or the chat on our website. It’s better to send in the request with the car’s VIN. The answer time is changeable by the request, but it’s not longer than a workday.

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Policy on returns

If you buy the wrong object or there are some damages by the courier, you can request a refund, you have to follow the indication below.

Courier’s damage

The buyer has to send the photos with the damages in evidence in 4 hours by the receiving of the item. You have to request the insurance to receive a full refund.

Without insurance, the refund can’t be complete, because we don’t give back the cost of returns and delivery of the spare. The company refunds when the spare will return to our warehouse.

Returns for dissimilarity

The buyer can return the spare part until 14 days by purchase. The company refund the price of item less the costs of delivery and return. The company gives back money when the spare part returns In our warehouse without damages and its original packaging. in case of damages, there’s not a refund.

To avoid this you can request the returns with insurance, naturally, the cost of insurance will pay by the buyer.

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Codici OEM

72607697505 - 76317724308


Size: 61 62 Colour: Glossy magnesium


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